Clover Hill Concord

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I’d like to start out this post by saying THANK YOU to all of the readers of First Pour Wine.  I appreciate the time you’re spending to learn about wine and look around the site!

Over the years, I’ve had plenty to be thankful for with First Pour Wine.  Aside from being blessed by all of you coming by to visit the site, I’ve made some profoundly great friends and got to have some amazing experiences.  It seems like just yesterday that Greg was helping me hang (some admittedly) wrinkly sheets in my basement, and walking through the six noble grapes.  A whirlwind of knocked over ironing boards, dinners with master sommeliers and vintners later, and bottles of wine later, and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Celebrating our friendship with Carrie and Chad,  I’ve decided to open this bottle of Clover Hill Concord.  Made from the Concord grape, and coming from Pennsylvania,  this wine is made from the same grapes that go into jelly.   This area is one of the biggest producers of both.  While the jelly is great, how is the wine?

Sight:  A bricky red with a hint of rust.  The edges are light.

Smell:  Well, concord grapes mostly.  It’s slightly foxy, has a bit of other fermented grape notes.  The nose has some brighter notes

Sip:  The foxy character continues in the background, but mostly, it’s alcoholic grape juice.   There’s a perky note to it, despite the sweetness that pervades.

Savor:  The ending is sweet but thankfully somewhat bright. The notes of the jelly side of the grape sandwich continue.

There’s no denying that Clover Hill Concord wine isn’t a typical European style wine, but that doesn’t mean it’s not fun.  As wines that taste like actual grapes go, this is a stand out example.  With the sweetness, it might actually be a great choice for a Thai peanut satay or Kung Pao chicken.  If you like grape jelly, go ahead and give Clover Hill Concord a try.

Verdict: Grapes, Grape Jelly, Foxy
Rating: Not Rated
Price: $7
Available In: Pennsylvania