Best Wines for Halloween 2015

Best Wines For Halloween 2015

Halloween is just around the corner, so what are the best wines for halloween on the market right now?  Below are First Pour Wine’s rankings for our picks for 2015 Best Wines for Halloween:

The Best Wines for Halloween 2015:

Onx Moon – Loaded with jammy cherries and blackberries, wrapped in a spice box with hints of cigars, Onx Moon delivers huge flavor for a nice price.

Apothic Dark 2014 – Deep, dark, and mysterious, Apothic Dark 2014 is loaded with blueberries, espresso, and chocolate.  The smooth body compliments it well, and makes for an easy drinking red.

The Wolftrap 2013 – Big bodied and loaded with spicy blackberries and raspberries,  The Wolftrap 2013 has a good balance between ripe fruit and spicy oak.

Decent Wines:

Monster Mash Red Blend 2013 – With lots of berries, and a medium red body, Monster Mash Red Blend is going to keep the party going, and the label will add atmosphere.  Don’t expect much complexity or depth, but enjoy the art.

Moselland Riesling 2012– An off-dry to off-sweet riesling, with some nice fruit flavors, Moselland Riesling has more going for it form a design aesthetic than from a wine point of view.  The 500ml for over $10 make it a bit of a rip off unless you plan to use it as a fashion accessory.  This is merely average wine.

Knapp Superstition – There’s really no better way to describe Knapp Superstition other than concord grape jelly.  If jelly were wine, this would be it.   As sweet reds go, I’d be hard pressed to drink more than a glass, but for the right audience (Lambrusco and other sweet reds), this might be a fun change of pace.

Who Invited Them?

Vampire Red Winemaker’s Blend 2013 – Spice, berries, and banana notes.  Banana’s generally don’t belong in red wine.  Vampire Red Winemaker’s Blend does come with a casket though.  Which is fun if you feel like burying it.

Rest In Peace Red Blend 2012 – Angular body and raspberry notes try to come through, but never quite do more than lay there.  Rest In Peace Red Blend just isn’t inspired.  Other choices are in the same ballpark of cost, with more taste.

Benefactor Cellars Shiraz 2014 – Thin, green, and bright, no not Slimer from Ghostbusters, it’s the character of Benefactor Cellars Shiraz.  Very few redeeming qualities beyond the price, which Yellowtail matches and greatly exceeds in quality.

Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay 2014 – Smoky and tart, with only a few fruit flavors, Benefactor Cellars Chardonnay doesn’t live up to standards.  Again, similar to with Benefactor Cellars Shiraz, price is the selling point, but Barefoot competes in the same space with better quality.

Keep in mind this list is a rolling list for the Best Wines for Halloween in 2015, so we’ll be updating it as we taste more wine!