Want to start from the beginning without going through the archives or searching.  Miss an episode and want to find it?  Here’s a complete list!

Series 3:

Southern Italy

For these two episodes, Leanne and Nick talk about the hot Mediterranean varietals and soils that make Southern Italian wine so great.

Chile & Argentina

Leanne joins the show as a guest star, as the hosts talk about Chile and Argentina.  2009 Alta Vista Classic Torrontés and 2010 Casillero Del Diablo Malbec show up as examples from each.

Opening Sparkling Wine

Moscato Spumante makes a debut as the first sparkling on First Pour Wine, and Nick shows you how to open it.

Series 2:


Who doesn’t love a good cocktail now and again, give these fresh and fruity summer ones a go!


In the heat of the summer and with BBQs and picnics occurring everyone needs a bottle of wine.

Series 1


Everyone has a sweet tooth, the guys talk about about Ruby Port & Cream Sherry.

National Chardonnay Day! (5/26)

For a day all about Chardonnay, the guys explore oaked vs. unoaked Chardonnay.

Uncommon Varietals

Slight continuation of the spring theme with these important but less common white and red wines.


This is a bit of a side track, but this is our spring 2011 episode.  Clairet, table wine, and non-European varietals are covered.

Noble Grapes:

These grapes have legacy and history on the world stage, and most likely to be found on most restaurant menus.  This is a good starting point for those new to wine to see the spectrum of possible wines, as well as a foundation in how to get the most out of wine.

Specials & Extras:

Holidays coming up?  Looking for a wine recommendation?  Or just something we can resist, it’s all just below:

Thanksgiving 2011

In this episode, Leanne and Nick take a look at pairing ideas for your holiday feast.


A new method of stopping wine, what’s it all about, and it any good?