Cabernet Sauvignon

The big, bold red grape, cabernet sauvignon is found practically anywhere there are vineyards (or that isn’t particularly cool).  Known for aging well due to the rich tannic nature, cabernet sauvignon produces robust, full bodied wines.  Typically, cabernet gets the descriptor black currant [cassis] associated with it, but it also frequently contains flavors of blackberry, mint, leather, and cedar.  Due to oak aging, it frequently picks up vanilla or smoke flavors as well.

Due to the high tannins, many cabernet sauvignons are either blended with other grapes, or aged to mellow the nature of the tannins, and soften the wine.  While cabernet sauvignon can be good young, it can also be very much like a person learning how to dance, ungraceful, uncertain, to eager to move, and just trying to repeat the motions.  Many times though, with years passing, this leads to an elegant and balanced wine, with many complexities to enjoy.

Color: Red
Style: Dry, aged in oak.
Notable Growing Locations: Australia, California, Chile, France: Bordeaux / Languedoc-Roussillon, Italy: Tre Venezie / Tuscany, New York: Long Island, South Africa, New Zealand.

  • Guest

    In what order do you recommend we serve and drink the following wines with our prime rib tonight:

    2009 figgins Cab
    2009 doubleback Cab
    2002 leonetti Cab
    2002 leonetti Reserve
    2000 leonetti Cab

    Also, which ones should be decanted, and for how long, before we serve them?

    • Hi!

      We’ll I’m afraid that these selections are a bit outside my typical $10 depth, but none the less, some general rules can help make your wine tasting a blast!  

      First young before old, go from 2009 to 2000

      Based on the blends and some of the fellow wine communities tasting notes, I’d recommend the following:

      2009 Doubleback Cab
      2009 Figgins Cab [people seem super stoked about this, it sounds yummy!]
      2002 Leonetti Cab, Filter, decant for 2 – 4 hours
      2002 Leonetti Reserve, Filter, decant 1 hour
      2000, Leonetti Cab, Filter, decant 1 – 3 hours

      Based on the complexity of the first two wines, you could also decant them, it probably wouldn’t hurt for them to get a bit of air and open up.  About an hour should do it.

      Have a great holiday!