Wine Ratings

All wines on First Pour Wine will have a rating associated with them starting in February 2016.  The rating will be based on four criteria:

  • Sight
  • Smell
  • Taste – Sip & Savor
  • Value

These total up for an overall score, out of 100 base points, with 10 for value.  Below is a breakdown

The Wine Rating Criteria

Sight ( 0 – 5 )

Sight looks for any faults in the wine, or exceptional characteristics.  Most wines don’t have any lack of clarity or faults, so this measure generally will be awarded full points.

Smell (0 – 30)

As smell makes up a huge portion of our ability to taste, it also accounts for a full 30% of the score. An average wine will receive about 20 points.  Wines with poor smells or minor faults will drop a score, while wines with complexity or exemplary characteristics will boost their score.

Taste – Sip & Savor (0 – 65)

Taste makes up the largest portion of the rating because, well, why else are you buying the wine?  As taste is the most important feature of the bottle, this section is made up of both the initial sip and the aftertaste.  This also accounts for texture and mouthfeel. An average wine will score 45.  Points can be lost for being too simple, texturally unpleasant, or having an awkward aftertaste.  Points may be gained for enjoyable mouthfeel, complexity and harmonization, or a lingering finish that builds on the experience.

Value  (0 – 10)

Value is like the booster shot for the wine rating.  While most wines will receive a score of 5, which is average, up to 10 points can be awarded.  The easy way to think about value is as follows:

  • 0 – Buying a bottle of Yellow Tail… at the price of Dom Perignon
  • 5 – Buying a bottle of Yellow Tail… at the price of Yellow Tail
  • 10 – Buying a bottle of Dom Perignon… at the price of Yellow Tail.

Overall (0 – 110)

Adding up all the scores gives the overall score, but what does overall mean?  An average score is 75

100 – 110 – Go buy a cellar. Buy your neighbor one too so you can go to their house and drink more later.

90 – 99 – Worth buying a case, a must try.

80 – 89 –  For fans of the style, a must try.  For others who are curious, this is a great choice and a recommendation.

70 – 79 –  Serviceable wine, drinkable without guilt or serving at a large party where it won’t be noticed.  Average.

60 -69 –  Some elements are not up to standard or display imperfections, better choices exist.

0 – 59 – Don’t bother / Ship to your enemies.