Gewürz, meaning spicy in German, makes up the first half of gewürztraminer.  This is a reference to gewürztraminer, kind of in the way someone might use spicy to describe a personally of their eccentric and entertaining friend.  This is due to the bouquet and flavor of gewürztraminer, which can be described as floral, perfumed, gingerbread, litchi, honeysuckle, melon, grapefruit, smoke, apple, wet stone, and minerality.  As a wine, gewürztraminer is nothing short the most energetic personality in the room.  Despite these description of massive fruit and frequently sweet associated spices, gewürztraminer is actually usually dry instead of sweet.

Color: White
Style: Primarily dry, unoaked.
Notable Growing Locations: France: Alsace, Germany, New York, California [NY / CA are far lesser noted to France / Germany, but do make a reasonable dry gewürztraminer]