Prophecy The Lovers Red Blend 2014

Hope you had a happy Valentine’s Day!  If you’re still feeling romancy, why not check out Prophecy The Lovers Red Blend?


Sight:  Full red into the garnet side of the spectrum.

Smell:  Jammy blueberries and boysenberries pick up subtle spicing as though baked.  Touches of vanilla and cedar round things out.  Dark cherry and plum add background.

Sip:  The body is slightly sweet to start, but grows in it’s tannins, brightness, and a bit of pucker.   A silkiness works with the moderate body.  Dark fruits lead things here, with strong elements of dark cherries and plum.  They’re wrapped in spice, oak, and a bit of cedar.

Savor:  The ending is powerfully tannic, and has a strong mix of plum and cherry to it.    The spice pervades through.

Prophecy The Lovers Red Blend is a powerful, moderate bodied red with strong flavors.  The sweetness, acidity, and tannins are well balanced, and it drinks easily.  If you happen to like dark reds, with smooth bodies, and big tannic backbones, then Prophecy The Lovers Red Blend is worth seeking out.

Verdict: Blueberries, Black Plum, Spice, Cedar
Rating: 88
Price: $12
Heraldsburg, California

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