Les Trois Emme Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Wine


Stingy Jack tells the legend of a man that fools the Devil twice.  The legend goes that Jack invited the Devil for a drink, and then convinced the devil to help him cheat the bartender by the devil turning himself into a coin.  Instead of paying the bartender with the devil, who would turn back after, Jack pockets the devil with silver coins, preventing him from turning back.  Eventually, Jack frees the devil under the agreement the devil won’t take his soul.

Years later Jack dies. God denies his soul entry to heaven, and the Devil refuses to let him into hell for his trickery.  The Devil instead gave him a burning coal for light, and sets him off into the night.  In order to carry the coal, Jack places it into  turnip he finds, and uses it for light.  Hence as his spirt wanders the earth, he became “Jack of the Lantern”, or “Jack O’ Lantern”.

Wrapped with the legend of Stingy Jack, Les Trois Emme Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Wine is cheap, but is it devilishly good?


Sight:  A beautiful straw color.

Smell:  The nose is a little different, loaded with what could be described as a mix of super ripe, baked peaches layered with pumpkin soup and all the spices that go with it.

Sip:  The palate starts slightly sweet, but there’s a ton of brightness to even it out.   The super ripe peach thing carries over, and picks up a ton of clove, cinnamon, and allspice.  The spicing is pungent, and that slightly sour note of a yam comes through.

Savor:  The ending carries a lot of those spices with it, being more reminiscent of mulled cider.

Les Trois Emme Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Wine is patently ridiculous.  The flavor profile swing violently between sweet, bright, and spiced in a way that’s more like eating a warhead than drinking a glass of wine.   The problem stems from the spicing, which is extremely aggressive, and overwhelms just about everything other than that peach-pumpkin flavor.  Some in the spiced beer group might find something to like about Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin, but this is pass for everyone else.

Verdict:  Ripe Peaches, A Metric Ton of Clove & Allspice, Yam, Bright
Rating: N/A*
Price: $10
Naples, New York

This is a wine product, and therefore not rated