2009 Mark West Pinot Noir

The deluge of bad cheap Pinot Noir seems to be a spring eternal.  Fair enough, it’s a hard wine to grow, and a fickle varietal to make good wine from consistently.  Given those characteristics, when it shines, it’s like the sun, a blaze of beautiful and warming glory.  A wine that can truly compliment foods like salmon and turkey.

Mark West’s Pinot Noir shows up at a regular frequency on many restaurant’s wine menus. It can’t be all that bad if it’s so prevalent right?

Sight:  Thin and bright magenta, with watery edges.  A wonderful representation of a Pinot Noir

Smell:  Black cherries, vanilla, and earthiness.  Hints of smoked meats and cedar.  A nicely complicated nose.

Sip:    Black cherries, smokey meats, a touch of salt, and a firm background of charred wood.  There are also hints of earthy forest floor, spicy chai tea, and espresso.  Thin body and a smooth texture, with low tannins. [A.B.V. 13.8%]

Savor:  Smokey cherries carry over, and baked cherry pie pops in just briefly, but the finish is over after 15 seconds or so.

Overall, 2009 Mark West Pinot Noir is a very nice pinot noir.  While it is slightly heavy on the oak, the fruit does make enough appearance to keep things in balance.  It is getting toward the pricey end, but it’s very good, and a perfect pairing for salmon.  Finally, given the difficulties that First Pour Wine has had in finding a good Pinot Noir to review, 2009 Mark West Pinot Noir is definitely worth a shot.

Price:  $9.99
Sonoma County, CA

  • Tenthmuse

    $9.99 a bottle, it’s is very nice!

  • wordz….

    Do you mean dearth or overabundance?

    • Hi wordz,

      A good catch, I meant flood, deluge, or overabundance.  Thanks for the heads up!