Manischewitz Blackberry

With Hanukkah just around the corner, why not take another dip into Manischewitz.  Unlike the Elderberry, which contains Concorde grapes, the Manischewitz Blackberry is 100% pure blackberry.  That means that this isn’t your traditional wine, but rather a fruit wine.

Made the same way as regular wine (just not using grapes), Manischewitz Blackberry is kosher and sweetened.

Sight:  A medium reddish purple, with a hint of orange around the edge.

Smell:  Blackberries with a hint of powdered sugar.  There’s a syrup like nature to the smell, kind of like going to IHOP.

Sip:  The body has a heft to it thanks to all the sugar, but a nice acidity keeps it from being super flabby.  The predominate flavor is very sweet blackberries, with just a hint of floralness to them.

Savor:  The ending is fast, but picks up that flavor of blackberry skins on the way out.

Manischewitz Blackberry is unsurprisingly blackberry-y.  Much like many fruit wines, there’s not a lot of super complex things going on here.  However, what it does, namely being blackberry wine, it does really well.  As long as you don’t mind the wine super sweet (like fruit juice), then Manischewitz Blackberry is a fun thing to try.

Verdict: Blackberry, Concentrated Blackberry, Sweet
Rating: NR*
Price: $8
Canandaigua, New York

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* – As this is not a traditional wine, it is not rated.