Kirkland Sangria

Kirkland Sangria Bottle

In the past I’ve professed not to be a huge fan of Sangria in bottles.  Generally speaking, Sangria is better with real fruit and wines that are good to start with.  However, I totally understand the allure of not having to go through all the work that goes into real sangria as well, especially when Kirkland will sell you a massive bottle of their Kirkland Sangria for only $6.  So, is a magnum of $6 Sangria worth it?

Kirkland Sangria

Sight:  Not really applicable here, but it’s a pretty, slightly transparent red.

Smell:  Candied Orange peel comes up, and is joined by hints of raspberry and spice.  It smells tangy, like orange liqueur.

Sip:  It’s sweet, and immediately orange laden.  The orange flavors are very much given toward orange liqueur, candied orange peel, and fresh tangerines.  The fact that the wine happens to red seems to minimally impactful, with minimum amounts of strawberry and raspberry.  There’s nice spice here, giving into cloves and cinnamon.

Savor:  The ending is brief, and again pulls on orange and raspberries.

Kirkland Sangria Calories

Kirkland Sangria is actually surprisingly tasty for the price and volume.  While it’s certainly not real wine, it’s also well balanced,  nicely spiced, and cleanly flavored.  If there’s a downside, there’s not much red wine here, and they put the calories on the bottle (which turn out to be about 1000 calories for a bottle, which isn’t horrible given it’s a 1.5L!*).  That said, Kirkland Sangria is worth a try, and would please a party of punch thirsty people.

Verdict:  Orange Liqueur, Spice, Orange Zest, Sweet
Rating: Not Rated
Price: $6

* – Disclaimer: Drink responsibility, don’t be a hero and drink a magnum by yourself…

  • noreen ajmal

    A wonderful, detail description about the several bottles of Sangria I purchased for my upcoming party. I have not tried it yet, but was wondering if I’d need to add anything to enhance flavors. After reading your review, I’m now thinking I should add a bottle of red wine along with slices of oranges, blackberries, and pears. Can you share your thoughts on this?

  • John Werner

    Here’s the deal…this is inexpensive and expectations should be in line with the cost. Now, that’s not to say we should not expect more from Costco. I think that is a given since the only reason that a Kirkland product should exist is to provide a good choice in whatever category at a compelling low price. Kirkland Sangria succeeds. It doesn’t have that last bit of brightness that mixing a quality dry wine with various ripe and sweet fruits presents. What it lacks in that big fresh element it gains in complexity. I taste a grape/orange nice head that has residuals of raisin date,and currant with spice. Highly drinkable and not so sweet or simple that you don’t slow down and relish it. Maybe the name isn’t perfect in the truest sense,but the drink is really nice.

  • Kerri

    I love the Kirkland Sangria. It’s reasonably priced and delicious. Does this need to be refrigerated after opening?