FAQ Friday: Calories in Wine

It’s been a while since there’s been an FAQ Friday, but lets give it a go.  For instance, will wine make you fat?

 [All questions this week are from searches unless otherwise noted]. 

Calorie Content in Wine? [Lucky Duck, Barefoot, Charles Shaw, there were a lot of these…]

In general, the simple rule of thumb for number of calories in a wine are about 104 for 5 oz of white, and 110 for the same quantity of red.  Bump up the values about 5 – 10 for wines with touches of sweetness, such as certain Rieslings.

Certain fortified wines can have higher calories, such as Port or Maderia, which can range up to 160 – 180 for a 3 oz pour (due to higher residual sugar and alcohol).

Charles Shaw 2009 Merlot / Chardonnay Price?

$3.79 in Ohio, this may vary in some states and areas due to taxes and restrictions on wine.

Sutter Home Moscato vs. Barefoot Moscato?

While both Sutter Home and Barefoot make a serviceable Moscato, Barefoot’s is just better.  The flavors are cleaner and clearer, and there are less imperfections.

Cabernet or Merlot, which one first?

Well, the majority of the time Cabernet has a heavier body, so choose Cabernet Sauvignon after Merlot in a tasting.

Can you ship me a certain wine? – Email

No, I’m sorry, unfortunately First Pour Wine does not sell wine, much less ship it.

Can I cellar a wine?

Most wine, no.  Keep in mind, most wines are meant to be consumed within a few years.  They don’t have the tannins or acid to survive the aging process.  The rare, usually expensive, wine that can be aged, tend to be heavily tannic or acidic wines (or occasionally sugary), and mellow out with age.  This means the wine becomes smoother, and more flavors become evident.

Unless you’re referring to just storing it the cellar until you’re ready to drink it.  Then the cellar is a marvelous location, especially ones that are cool and dark, although not overly dry or damp (as this can effect cork).  Remember to keep wine away from light and heat sources as well. (The furnace for instance, is a bad place to keep your wine near.)

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