Barefoot Chardonnay

Barefoot has shown that it can make some fun and enjoyable casual wines with both it’s Moscato and Pinot Noir.  In fact, given the way that the brand has performed, it might just break my stereotype and feeling about non-vintage wines.  Breaking up stereotypes is hard to do, so does Barefoot Chardonnay tear down that wall, or is it just another brick.

Sight:  Straw color with flecks of gold.

Smell:  Caramel apples, toast, vanilla, oak, and slight peach.  Rather heavy on the oak side, but some fruit still pops through.

Sip:  Starts off just the slightest, and then gets a little smokey.  The mouth feel is pleasantly round.  The flavor continues to be toward the oaked side, pushing butter, smokey oak, caramel apples, and pears.

Savor:  There’s a sort of pear smoke flavor, almost like apple bacon with more bright flavors.

Overall, it’s a rather impressive if oaky example of Chardonnay.  It would probably be difficult to enjoy in the hottest part of the summer, but with fall closing in, it’s perfect for corn chowders and earthy squash dishes.  This is another Barefoot that hits all the right moves, give it a try.

Verdict:  Boogie Nights
Price: $5.99