Arbor Mist Zinfandel Sangria

When the first thought is that the glass costs more than the bottle, I wonder if it’s going to be worth it.  Arbor Mist is one of those things that seems better classified as wine product than wine.  There’s just an abundance of jokes about Arbor Mist, and what exactly it might be, but even so, it’s still being sold, and people are still buying it.  So is there anything to Arbor Mist Zinfandel Sangria, or is it just a cheap way to be drunk.  

Sight:  It’s a sort of deeply pink color.  It looks a little like Twizzler might have made it.

Smell:  This smell completely fake.  If there is any zinfandel in this glass, it deserves last rites.  And perhaps an apology. There’s an overripe strawberry smell mixing with some sort of rubber coated in petroleum.  It smells slightly like an auto body shop.

Sip:  Holy strawberry soda.  There’s not much here besides an overwhelming sense of thick syrup laced soda.  [A.B.V. 6%]

Savor:  Most of the time wine is measured by it’s length of finish, this wine seems to stick to the palate, like soda.  A quick disappearance would be better.

Overall, Arbor Mist Zinfandel Sangria makes Boone’s Farm Sangria look good.  A feat which is astonishingly difficult, and sad.  This is technically made from wine, but the nutritional label on the back should be all the warning needed to steer clear of this atrocity.

Verdict:  Anything else.
Price:  $3.49
Canandaigua, New York

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