2009 Green Truck Chardonnay

Disclaimer: This bottle was sent to us by the folks over at 585 Wine Partners, not purchased by the First Pour Wine. The opinions expressed are solely those of First Pour Wine.

While it’s been a while since I visited the offerings from the folks over at Bronco Wines and 585 wine partners, I haven’t forgotten them.  Rather, the inconvenience of having my palate in one state and my wine in another caused something of delay in getting through their generous offerings for review.  A large part of the box highlighted Green Truck, the organic division of the group.  So with that in mind,  and without further ado, how is does their 2009 Green Truck Chardonnay hold up? 

Sight:  It’s a darker gold, almost between fresh yellow corn and 24 karat gold ring, but with some flecks of green in it.

Smell:  There’s plenty of vanilla and a light smokiness that leads off, but is balanced heavily with tropical fruits such as pineapple and papaya.  There is a lingering amount of white pepper that adds spice and balance, while the minerality and unripe nectarine flavors promise some interesting flavors to come.

Sip:  The nose doesn’t lie, and the acidity is in full effect to lead off.  After a few seconds it relaxes and becomes a touch flabby, but still very much alive.  The flavors of vanilla, smoke, minerality, and underripe pineapple / starfruit push through.  Notes of papaya and butter are around the edges. [A.B.V. 13.5%]

Savor:  The ending is a little pithy, picking up flavors of lime and papaya.  The vanilla takes a quick wink, but disappears, much like most of the finish.

Overall, 2009 Green Truck Chardonnay isn’t 100% balanced, but a lot of the unbalanced elements keep it interesting and fun.  There’s a certain playful nature to it, but it’s got a serious back bone.  The higher alcohol helps keep it feeling full in your mouth.   For poultry, this might be especially good, but it could play well with pork as well.  Give it a try, especially for an organic wine.

Verdict: Green Grass and High Tropical Fruits
Price: $12.99 (Standard Retail Price)
North Coast, California