2008 Genesis Riesling

Hailing from Columbia Valley, Washington, the 2008 Genesis Riesling is actually one of Hogue cellar’s products.  The easiest way to think about Hogue’s product line is to consider it like the automaker Toyota.

  • At the lowest level, there’s Scion, they’re entry level, just like Hogue’s base wine is Hogue.
  • A step up, you’ve got Toyota,  Genesis is basically Toyota, you get better quality, more complex options, but it’s still affordable enough for most people to have on a regular basis.
  • Then there’s the top level, the Lexus of Hogue, in their case, that’s the Reserve.

Hogue isn’t the only winery to do this, it’s fairly common, fortunately all of their wines are reasonably affordable. [Yellow Tail is another a good example of this, recently they’ve started a Reserve line as well]

In general, the Rieslings I’ve tried from Hogue have been pretty good.  This is the second Riesling from the Columbia Valley that’s been reviewed, so how does it stand up to Snoqualmie’s Riesling.

Sight: A pale golden color, moving toward to straw.

Smell: Aroma’s of honeysuckle and apricots are prominent with light jasmine, orange blossom, and nectarine in the background.

Sip: Dried apricots with a drizzle of honey and notes of orange form a pleasing palate.  The semi-sweet nature and moderate acid keep the wine lively.  Green apple and honeydew melon also play supporting roles.

Savor: Lemon pith starts what seems to be a crisp finish, but quickly transitions into freshly picked apricots.

Overall, this is a very good semi-dry riesling that might be well suited for a summer dessert of fresh fruit or even certain cheese plates.  It’s also good for just drinking out in the backyard during the summer.   It’s definitely worth a try for those who enjoy rieslings or individuals trying to move from sweet wines to a drier style.

Price: $9.95

Columbia Valley, Washington