Yuengling Traditional Lager

Cheap beer is a bit like religion and politics, everyone has their own personal preferences, and too much of it will leave you sick, with a pounding headache, and an awful taste in your mouth.  That being said, it still has its time and its place, such as when you lose a bet against the Canadian Prime minister, and send him a case of beer using the Ambassador dressed in a Canadian Hockey Uniform.  What do you send him though?  Budweiser?  Coors? Something crafty from Dogfish Head?  No way, you send Yuengling Traditional Lager, the revived flagship brand from the oldest and largest (tied) brewery in the United States.  So how good is this old brew? 

Sight:  A clear amber color, with a foamy slightly orange head.

Smell:  There’s something about cheaper beer that just smells like, well, beer.  Yuengling has a minor hop note to it, but it leans on malt.  Touches of green apple and lemon pith hang around the edges.

Sip:   It’s smooth, bready, nutty, and grass like.  The greenish notes convey candied lime and artificial green apple.  The hops convey a minor orange peel behind a whole grain bread note.   It’s a thick and heavy mouth feel. [A.B.V. 4.4%]

Savor:  It lingers slightly hoppy and bready, and disappears.

Overall, Yuengling Traditional Lager really is one of those things that more than the sum of it’s part.  For whatever reason, when that whole description comes together, it tastes like beer, and a nice beer that you want to drink while watching a game or having some wings.  Perhaps it’s mild nostalgia, or the price, but Yuengling is an easy going brew that’s definitely worth a try if you haven’t had it.

Verdict:  Tradition worth keeping
Price: $9.99 for a 12 pack
Pottsville, Pennsylvania