Casa Sant’Orsola Asti

There are times when you just need a little bit of sparkling in your life to get things going.  The bubble and pop of a cork that sets the night off right, and refreshes everything.  The only problem is, how do you get the right explosion of fizz for under a hamilton?  The folks over at Total Wine seem to think they have the answer in Casa Sant’Orsola Asti, comparing it as an alternative to Martini & Rossi Asti.  Those are pretty big boots to fill, so how does it compare? 

Sight:  Very much gold, similar to gold leaf.  The bubbles are small and plentiful.

Smell:  The nose is very subtle with lychee, peach, nectarine, and honey.  There are also touches of honeycrisp apples, honeysuckle blossoms, and wet stone. [You might find more, regrettably, I clearly have the wrong glassware.]

Sip:   It starts out with a crisp crack of light sweetness, but before becoming rather acidic, and then wandering back to sweet.  The bubbles become very aggressive, foaming vigorously, taking over the mouth feel in a froth.  Similar to it’s nose, there are plenty of honey and nectarine,  but with more subtle lemon pith,  fall apple, and minerality.

Savor:  The finish ends almost as sharply as it starts.  Tart elements of lemon linger complimented with touches of sweetness and apple peel.

Overall, if you like a subtle sweetness to your sparkle, then Casa Sant’Orsola Asti is the bubbler for you.  At just under $10, this wine is thoroughly quaffable.  The biggest shortcoming that could be cited are a lack of complexity.  For the most part though, this is overlookable, and most will have no trouble enjoying the stonefruit, honey, and light minerality.

Verdict:  Fizzy Explosion
Price: $9.99
Asti, Italy