2011 Coastline Zinfandel

2011 Coastline Zinfandel

It seems like Coastline has become one of the more ubiquitous brands across the country.  The orange bottle with the picturesque California coastline is in grocery stores and wine shops across the country.  To top it off, it’s from Paso Robles, an ‘in’ region, blowing away expectations on vintage charts for the past few years.  So does 2011 Coastline Zinfandel beat expectations, or is it a year to give it up? 

2011 Coastline Zinfandel

Sight:  Bright magenta, touch of brick.

Smell:  Blackberry, hints of mint, plum, and touches of cinnamon.

Sip:  Light to moderate body, starts out relatively smooth, and maintains a slightly bright nature.  The flavor leans toward plum, currant, and cranberry.  Warm, but not hot.  There is a nice spice and vanilla in the background.

Savor:  The finish is light on tannins, but has a nice spicy-caramel-blackfruit flavor.

2011 Coastline Zinfandel has a nicer finish than it’s body, but it’s still not bad.  It’s not overly complicated, but it is quite drinkable.  The fruit isn’t overly clear, but for under $10, it’s a nice compliment for a meal.  Grilling and chilling in the summer might be just what the doctor orders for 2011 Coastline Zinfandel.

Verdict: Black Fruit, Light Spice, Vibrant
Price: $9.99
Paso Robles, California