2007 Chamarre Grand Reserve Pinot Noir

The last pinot noir wasn’t particularly successful.  Non-descript, questionably sourced, with so little of pinot noir’s elegance or lusciousness.  Can Chamarré’s French pinot noir be the first First Pour Wine recommended Pinot Noir?

Sight: Slightly orange edge, body is more brick red.  Starting to show it’s 4 years.

Smell: Vanilla, strawberries, chalk, and limestone get together with cherry in the background.  A pleasant bouquet.

Sip: Mildly non-descript red fruit at the start, gives way and crescendo’s into a chorus of strawberries and cherries.  Hints of vanilla come in and out, and the mouth feel is heavier than expected.  [A.B.V. 12%]

Savor: Tannin’s stay light, and a moderate amount of fresh from the field-raspberry flavor comes through.

Overall, this Chamarré is miles ahead of the 47 lb Rooster from the 3rd episode.  For the price, it’s dependable, and will certainly please as a wine for salmon or trout , but it’s not a standout.  Definitely pick this wine up if you’re new to Pinot, and used to slightly heavier reds, but don’t expect fireworks.

Price: $7.99