Wine Sisterhood Chardonnay

Wine shopping in Target still seems wrong to me.  It seems like the selection is just always so, well, Target.  It’s bourgeois, and has quality, but not true high end, nor is it packed with the hidden gems of stores with better selections.  With that in mind, I always worry whenever I buy something there. Even so, the higher traffic leads me to believe the wine at least gets decent turnover, and should be fresh.  So can Wine Sisterhood Chardonnay surpass my expectations of a Target wine, or is it short of a bullseye. 

Sight:  On the light side for a chardonnay, approaching a Sauvignon Blanc shade of pale hay.

Smell:  There’s this raspberry and lemon smell to it.  Very unusual for white wine to display notes of berry.  It’s almost ever so slightly like ethyl acetate as it leans artificial.  There are minor notes of banana and green herbs as well.

Sip:  Tart is a pleasant way to put the mouth filling pucker that occurs.  The wine feels unripe, mixing lime, raw nectarine with underripe mangos, all in a backdrop of grass.  That odd raspberry note continues. [A.B.V. 13%]

Savor:  A tropical citrus pith drives through, and drops off.

Overall, Wine Sisterhood Chardonnay is just weird.  I’ve heard wow used to describe this wine, but I think wow might be related to something like,  ‘What did I just put in my mouth?’.  It’s not the worst wine that’s come through the site, but it’s certainly questionable at over $10 in some places.  If anything, this price is for the place it’s from, not the quality.

Verdict: Sister Act
Price: $9.99
Napa, California