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Espiral Vinho Rosé

Espiral Vinho Rose

Portugal is a region on fire in terms of wine right now.  In the past couple of years, Portugal has been making not only its famous Porto, but deluging the world with cheap, world class reds and whites.  How have they done it?  To start with, they’re stopped randomly replacing vines with other random vines, and instead started actually planting blocks of similar vines.  As they’ve done so, they’re moved away from some traditional grapes, and moved more toward what’s best suited to the climate and the style of wine they’re trying to create.

Vinho Verde isn’t immune to this, and the increase in Alvarinho (Albariño) over more traditional grapes has pushed some producers of this refreshing white to new heights of improved quality.  Great news for white drinkers, right?  But what if you’d like red wine, but aren’t in the mood for red given the heat?  Well Espiral Vinho Rosé might just be the answer for you.  Give Rose A Chance

Espiral Vinho Verde

Espiral Vinho Verde

For the first time, it seems, it’s actually summer in Ohio.  While much of the central plains and East coast have been broiling for sometime, Ohio seems to have been cursed to languish in the mid-seventies for the better part of the summer.  As a recent transplant to the area, I understood that this was the one month of year we had brokered with the weather gods to truly enjoy the weather in the region.  Regardless of the weather, the summer wine season is still in full swing, and when it gets this hot, it’s time to break out something refreshing. Summer time is a fine time for wine…

2007 Evenus Zinfandel Port

For those that like their wine slight sweet, port is one of the most amazingly delicious wines for after dinner or just a nip.  While it’s traditionally from Portugal, some of the most reasonably priced, delicious port style wines come from outside Portugal.  With the lack of constraint from the government in countries that aren’t Portugal,  Port can be made of varietals that aren’t one of the traditional 4.   2007 Evenus Zinfandel Port seeks to bring a new layer of depth to port through zinfandel’s wonderful huge, chewy thick red fruit personality with a bit more sugar.  Does it succeed, or should port be left to the Portuguese?  Zinfanport

2009 Charles Shaw White Zinfandel

Between white and red, is rosé.  Within the world of rosé wines, there’s the marketing term of blush.  The term refers to certain Californian wines that were made in a period when the demand for white wine exceeded the production of white wine.  The solution was to make white wine from red grapes with minimal skin contact.  One of the results of this approach to wine making was white zinfandel, which is more commonly associated with being a light, uncomplicated wine that’s inoffensive, slightly sweet to sweet, and comfortable being quaffed in the summer.

Given that white zin outsells it’s red counterpart 6:1, it’s no surprise that many producers would love to get in on the act.  How does Mr. Shaw’s example do?
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