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Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet: The Great Pumpkin

Continuing an interesting finale based on pumpkins and accidental nautical themes, comes Heavy Seas Mutiny Fleet The Great Pumpkin.  With a name that long, Lucy has plenty of time to pull the football out of the way.  The question though, is can Heavy Seas make a large enough distraction to actually let Charlie Brown get the kickoff? Lucy or Charlie

Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale

Shipyard has two different brews that are their seasonal pumpkin ales.  Their standard brew is Pumpkinhead Ale, but their Pugsley’s signature series represents the creme de la creme in complexity.  That being said, it’s always worth seeing what people think can knock Southern Tier’s Pumking off it’s mantle.  Can Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin Ale dethrone the king, or is it just an Addams?  Dynamite and Train Tracks

Southern Tier Imperial Pumking

Depending on who you ask, Southern Tier Imperial Pumking is king of pumpkin beers.  The beers popularity is easily attributed to the beers amazing pumpkin pie flavors.  It’s no wonder the folks at Southern Tier have gained such a reputation given their western New York location [hint, not much out here but vineyards and lake].   Of course, as the founding fathers pointed out, sometimes you need to question your king.  So is it a benevolent monarch, or is off with it’s head?  Royal wedding guest