Splurge Saturday: 2007 St. Hallett Faith Shiraz

Welcome to Splurge Saturday, where we take a break from bottles under $10 to step out and up, in search of exciting new bottles of wine to enjoy on special occasions (or just for fun!)

The Barossa Valley in Australia is renown for full bodied Shiraz, and is notably one of the best places on the continent for the grape.  While 2007 wasn’t the best vintage for the Barossa, some producers did manage to outwit mother nature and produce phenomenal wines.  How did St. Hallett’s Faith Shiraz fare?

Sight:  No signs of aging, Deep purple core, almost to the edges.

Smell:  Slightly oaky, black cherry and currants dominate.  Notes of walnut and raspberry flirt in and out.

Sip:  Light black pepper on the start, giving way to blackberries.  Plums and figs in the background.  This wine is full bodied, but not as smooth as expected.  Slightly hot. [A.B.V. 14.5%]

Savor:  Moderate tannins on the finish, with a coating strawberry feeling.

Overall, it’s not quite what I’d expect from a Barossa Shiraz.  While, it’s certainly got its own personality, it’s a bit of an odd ball that not everyone will appreciate.  While it has more depth than the standard Yellow Tail or Lindeman’s,  it’s not necessarily an improvement for the average buyer with it’s alcoholic edge.  Worth a try for people looking for something unusual out of a Barossa Valley Shiraz, try something else though if you’re new to Shiraz.

Price: $11.95
Barossa Valley, Australia