Post Road Pumpkin Ale

One has to wonder if perhaps Post Road Pumpkin Ale might be referring to after the road.  As though the folks at Brooklyn Brewery just went driving through a field of pumpkins after the road had stopped, and decided that it might be a good place for some suds.  While this seems unlikely, the fact that it’s pumpkin filled is made sure of by the “Brewed with Pumpkin” portion of the label (like many of the other Ales that have been featured).  The question is, do the spices balance the pumpkin, or have the folks at the brewery gotten lost in the field? 

Sight:  Slightly more of a pale orange color than anything amberish.  It’s a bit on the duller side, and the head is smooth.

Smell:  Heavy slant towards cloves and nutmeg.  Pumpkin in the background with some Vanilla.

Sip:  On the hoppier side of the pumpkin ales, and to top it off there’s a large amount of clove and nutmeg on the palate.  The pumpkin gets overwhelmed by clove.   The mouth feel is light and airy. [A.B.V. 5%]

Savor:  Have I mentioned cloves.

Overall, the fact is that Post Road Pumpkin Ale drove straight off the road, through the pumpkin patch, into the brewery, through a pile of hops, and hit the spice cabinet like an AA member falling off the wagon.  There’s a group for this beer, but they’re more likely to be a subsection of wheat and IPA drinkers, who like a spot of ale from time to time.

Verdict:  Headless driver
Price: $1.89 / 12oz
Utica, New York