Nando Fior Di Pesco

There’s wine.  Then there’s wine that awkwardly tastes like things it isn’t.  Nando Fior di Pesco is one of the later.  It’s a wine that supposed to taste like peaches.  How does it do? 

Sight:  A very light yellow

Smell:  Very peachy.  Almost abnormally so.  Sort of artificial.

Sip:  The mouth feel is sweet, light and bubbly, but over all, it’s got a lot of artificial peach, and not much else.  [A.B.V. 7%.]

Savor:  There’s a bitter artificial peach, like eating a peach ring.

Overall, Nando Fior Di Pesco is awkwardly peachy.  There’s just too much peach flavor.  There’s pretty much no grape that will taste like this.  If you like sweet carbonated peach, buy this, other wise, if you want wine, skip it.

Verdict:  Peach Rings
Price: 7.99