Boone’s Farm Sangria

When First Pour Wine started, many of the over 40 crowd inquired if the under $10 range would include the infamous Boone’s Farm wines.   At the time, it wasn’t really in the plan, but wine is wine.  So the real question based on the slightly soda like sound that came from the cap is; Is Boone’s Farm Sangria even wine? 

Sight:  For some reason it’s lightly fizzy.  It’s also an interesting shade of radioactive magenta, and a deep purple core.

Smell:  It’s a rather oddly orange smell.  It’s quite bright, and little on the on the artificial strawberry side.

Sip:  So that whole carbonation thing is tough to wrap ones head around.  The sugar is also very elevated.  It’s rather like drinking an orange and grape soda mix with a hint of strawberry.  The acid is borderline unpleasant, and overall it doesn’t seem at all like wine.  With such low alcohol, it’s reminiscent of malt beverages like Smirnoff Ice or Mike’s Lemonade.. [A.B.V. 7.5%]

Savor:  Like having a soda that’s too sweet, there’s almost a sugar coated palate feel similar to tannins, but sticky.  The orange flavor lingers.

Overall, it seems like Boone’s Farm Sangria is more of an orange – purple soda product than anything that could be considered wine.  For malt beverage lovers, this might be an ideal choice, but that’s probably why it got a reputation among young kids and lushes.  It’s sugary and alcoholic, and goes down easy.  That being said, given the flavor, I’m not sure it’d be any better coming back up.

Verdict:  Kel makes an orange soda wine.
Price: $3.79
Modesto, CA

  • Bamballam

    I hear this is what Rubbin’ Butts is serving up. Yippee!

  • Hugo Mungus

    Wine testing is nothing but acting. There is a reason even cheap wine stays in the market. People have different taste.