Barefoot Moscato

Hot off the heels of Barefoot’s last delicious wine review here, comes something completely different.  Welcome to Moscato, a slightly sparkling, sweet white wine traditionally from Piedmont Italy, but, in this case, being made in California by Barefoot Moscato.   Crafted from the chameleon muscat grape, Moscato is one of the best known and widely enjoyed sweet sparkling whites in the world.   Given it’s legacy and location in California, Barefoot Moscato has a lot to deliver on.  Does it pop out of the gate with fizz and fanfare, or trail off in sugary blast?

Sight:  Light straw, and small bubbles.  Small enough that no special glassware is recommended (unless you’re kind of a ponce).

Smell:  Candied oranges, apricots, and clementines mixed with honey and peaches.

Sip:  Hello sweet flavor explosion of happy oranges, apricots, and peaches.  Little bubbles and some crispness of the citrus cut through the heavy mouth feel, to make the wine vibrant and fun.  [A.B.V.  9%]

Savor:  It’s a fun, fleeting flavor,  full of dried apricots and ripe peaches on the end.

Overall, Barefoot Moscato is one of those just plain fun, not to serious wines.  It’s full of delicious citrus and oranges, and could just be drank for fun on it’s own.  Due to it’s refreshing nature and low alcohol content, it’s also not a bad pre-dinner wine or dessert wine.

Verdict:  Uncork for orange tinged enjoyment.
Price: 5.99 (likely to be under 5 in some areas)