Back to Wine Basics: 2012 Edition

In just over a year, First Pour Wine has tried more wine than it seemed like ever would have been possible given the somewhat sketchy basement beginnings. The goal was simple. Make wine accessible for newcomers, and find the best bottles under $10. The set up was straightforward, four bottles a week, one episode, two stand alone reviews. Follow a basic arc of wine education.

Of course that’s not quite how it worked out, and a lot can happen in a year…
198 Posts
33 Pages
Well over 150 bottles of wine… and a few beers, ciders, and juices.
20 videos
And way more Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and email love than we could have ever predicted.

Several giant THANK YOUs to everyone for that. You are all awesome.

The thing is though, while First Pour Wine was busy growing up, the first time wines we suggested were getting old, switching vintages, or rising in price. With that in mind, it seems like an opportune time to do a bit of refresher, so for the next few days, the focus will be getting back to basics. Classic grapes, from the best regions, seeking the best wines to help beginners learn to taste.

Need a refresher? Just new to wine? Here are some basics:

Types of Grapes
How to Taste
Styles of Wine
Tasting Order