A Wandering Wine-dy Road

Houdini was notable for disappearing, and recent I pulled a Houdini.

I may not be fortunate enough to work in wine, but I’m fortunate to have a job.  One of the key attributes to my line of work is that I tend to move around quite a bit.  This can make keeping up with a backlog for a wine blog somewhat tricky, especially when forced to fly a lot (wine is heavy!).    Last year alone, I moved from through 3 different states, and frequently ended having brief trips through cities on both coasts.  Long days at work lead to more than a couple nights where I was opening and writing reviews at 3 in the morning, before getting up and doing it all again the next day.

While this year has been more relaxed from an hours perspective, I’ve already had 8 plane flights, and only 3 weekends spent in the city where I’ve been calling home for the past two months, Fort Wayne, IN.  I should add I’ll be moving again soon, but hopefully with no disruptions!

Being transient leads to a lot of very good experiences, and being mobile means that I can sample a wide variety of wines, and see trends in different states and cities that I visit.  It’s been a rather interesting journey, and it looks like it will only continue to get more interesting.  As a writer though, I have a responsibility to keep the site running, and I have to apologize for my absence these past two months.

So, with out further ado, thanks too all of you visited in while I was away, and sorry for my absence.  Now it’s time to start writing up some wine.  New updates tomorrow!  Cheers everyone, and thanks for reading!

Thank You,