2011 Mendoza Station Torrontes

2011 Mendoza Station Torrontes

Torrontés is Argentina’s best known white wine, and one of the more floral in the white wine world.  When done correctly, torrontés sparkles with acidity, and can be surprisingly aromatic.  If grown incorrectly, it can be bitter, alcoholic, and slightly monotone.  Ignoring the poor makers of this wonderful varietal, torrontés can make a fantastic pairing for Thanksgiving and turkey.  Does 2011 Mendoza Station Torrontes have what it takes, or is the train already well down the tracks?  

2011 Mendoza Station Torrontes

Sight:  A moderate gold, with a lot of greenish notes.

Smell:  There’s a good amount of orange peel floating up off the top, with minor rose and floral notes.

Sip:  The acidity almost seems like it’s about to open up, then it kind of gets all flabby.  It’s not exactly flat, but it’s not lively. The mouth feel is full, concentrated with orange, slightly bitter, and floral.  There’s something a little bit vodka like about it, and it is somewhat hot. [A.B.V. 13%]

Savor:  There’s a slight floral and citrus pith, but it vanishes almost instantly.

2011 Mendoza Station Torrontes is rather flabby and simple.   The best characteristic it has really is the light floral notes, but the simplicity goes to a fault.  The body is full, but mostly from the alcohol.  This wine is priced to move, and it’s not a surprise why.  If desperate, you could pick up a bottle of 2011 Mendoza Station Torrontes, but you’d be better served by its competitor for a few dollars more.

Verdict:  Flabby, Simple, Floral, Hot
Price:  $5.99
Mendoza, Argentina