2010 Fish Eye Sauvignon Blanc

There’s a lot to be said for comparing a wine to a fish.  While in previous experience, fish analogies work better with dating, Fish Eye suggests you might try them with wine.  2010 Fish Eye Sauvignon Blanc will supposedly leap right out of the glass.  While the Merlot sort of flopped out of the glass, the Sauvignon Blanc might have a shot, especially with Sauv. Blanc’s rep.

Sight:  A light, firm gold.

Smell:  There’s a wonderfully limey-coconut smell going on.  It’s rather green throughout, with a bit of green papaya and mint.

Sip:  Very punchy, and bright, almost a bit too much.  There’s plenty of grapefruit and lime, and some of it a bit pithy.  There’s a minor bit of that coconut smell remaining.   Completely bone dry, this is a bit on the strong side.  There’s not much depth, but the wine is undeniably bright, and some how also full on the tongue.  [A.B.V. 12.0%]

Savor:  It kind of stays a bit limey, but vanishes quickly.

Overall, it’s just not deep enough.  Like diving into a shallow, reflecting pool, expecting more depth than it has will be rather fatal.  For those looking for something uncomplicated and quaffable, it’s not a bad choice to dip a toe in with.

Verdict:  Small pond, small fish.
Price:  $4.99
South Eastern Australia