2010 Fish Eye Merlot

Sometimes nostalgia gets the better of all of us.  Back before I perhaps was allowed to enjoy wine in the normal capacity, I happened to find bottle from time to time.  When I was living in New Hampshire, a bottle of 2010 Fish Eye Merlot just happened to find it’s way into my possession.   It also happened to find its way into my glass and into my braised beef.  While this left some fond memories, it worth taking a trip down memory lane to see if it holds up.

Sight:  Slightly on the duller end of the spectrum.  A bit brownish, and dull.

Smell:  Heavier toward the oak and plum.  Slight toasty, earth, and blackberry.

Sip:  Vanilla, plums, and an uncomplicated sort of cedar.  There’s a touch of wet dirt as well.  The mouth feel is full, and the wine is slightly hot. [A.B.V. 13.5%]

Savor:  The tannins are very heavy, and the flavor is a pronounced smokey oak.  Not much fruit.

Overall, it does being in a barrel well.  Unfortunately, out of the barrel, it tastes a lot like the barrel, and most of the fruit is lost.  This isn’t bad if you like a smooth feel, with a lot of alcohol, and a few wood staves cuddling your tongue.  There’s more balance out there, but it’s pretty good for the price.

Verdict:  Swimming in the woods.
Price: $4.99
South Eastern Australia