2010 Casa Sant’Orsola Barbera

2010 Casa Sant'Orsola Barbera

Barbera is one of those interesting wines that exists because of the nature of the wines around it.  In this case barbaresco and barolo are two massive Italian reds with tremendous aging potential that dominate most other wines in the region.  Unfortunately, aging wines in this manner, and in such small quantities, causes there to be a rather immediate and general shortage of them.  Enter barbera, the lovely, bright, young fruity structured compliment to its two nebbiolo based neighbors.  Can 2010 Casa Sant’Orsola Barbera show why this is the daily go to, or is it time to pony up the cash for the big boys? 

2010 Casa Sant'Orsola Barbera

Sight:  Orange-red on the edges far before its time, brickish center, dull look.

Smell:  Strawberries and raspberries waft upward with little notes of spice.  It’s a softer, fresher nose.  Subtle cherry.

Sip:  Moderate body, not overly acid, but delightfully round.  Maybe smooth, with plenty of berries, but leaning more toward plum on the palate with notes of blackberry, raspberry, and cedar.

Savor:  Moderate tannins, a quick peak at some spice, and then a slight revision toward strawberry and plum.  The finish is over rather quickly.

2010 Casa Sant’Orsola Barbera is an easy quaffing red with a nice body, and decent tannins.  Complexity is not the strength here, but the straight forward nature of this wine keeps it delightfully drinkable.  While a hint more acidity might have helped, the tannins help it along from a food perspective.  For a night of Italian food or pizza, 2010 Casa Sant’Orsola Barbera might be a good match at the price point.

Verdict:  Raspberry, Plum, Spice, Moderate
Price: $7.99
Piedmont, Italy