2010 Bougrier V Vouvray

It’s been a very long time since Vouvray has been on First Pour Wine, in fact, nearly a year.  Not a lot of Chenin Blanc either, the principle varietal used in the production of Vouvray.  With that in mind, it seemed appropriate to have a Vouvray as we get ready for summer.   Light, refreshing, and ranging anywhere from sweet to mildly dry, Vouvray is excellent chilled.  This wine can pick up a lot of stone fruit, citrus, and minerality.  How does this selection from 2010 Bougrier V Vouvray make its entrance into summer? 

Sight:  A pale golden color.  Like singular strands of gossamer candy slightly caramelized.

Smell:  Sea salt and minerality,  lemon, apricot, nectarine, and melons.  Cantaloupe and honeydew.  Lightly herbal note, like fresh mint.

Sip:  There’s a hint of sweetness, before plunging into a massive pool of acidity.  The mouthfeel is light to moderate, and there’s a nice kick of stone right after a rain storm, nectarine, underripe peaches, and apricot.  A slice of grapefruit and mint runs through the whole experience. [A.B.V. 12%]

Savor:  The end gets rather pithy.  A lot of citrus, and a few floral and herbal notes.  It dissipates moderately.

2010 Bougrier V Vouvray is nice little burst of flavor, if a bit bright.  There are some nice stone fruit and a couple of herbal / floral flavors, but it’s not as clean as might be hoped.  This wine will do nicely with most seafood, and some poultry.  It’s also ok on its own for a pool party.  2010 Bougrier V Vouvray isn’t the most complicated or entertaining wine, but a decent entry to the under $10 market.

Verdict:  In its swimsuit, but no diving allowed.
Liore, France (Appellation Vouvray Controlee)
Price: $7.99

  • D Mann

     Will you please learn the difference between “its” and “it’s’?

    And I think you over-hedged your bet a bit when you described the wine’s bouquet. I mean, holy crap! Does it smell like sweet cantaloupe or does it smell like sour lemon? Your description was so all over the map that it couldn’t miss, could it? I mean, one of the adjectives you’ve used to describe the bouquet just has to be right, doesn’t it?

    What a terrible review.

    • Haha, thanks for you feedback D Mann, can I offer you a drink?

      Many apologies about “its” and “it’s”, you see, my editor was working 13 hour days, and while he’s trying to relax with a bottle of wine, sometimes he misses a thing or four [odd, this was the exact number of corrections I made]!  Good thing you caught them, or I might have missed those forever 🙂

      I’m sorry you’re disappointed in the review, I truly aim to paint an accurate picture of the wines I review.  Unfortunately, scent and taste are senses, and like all senses, not all individuals perceive the same way at the same time.  In wine in particular, a number of things can influence your perception, ranging from the temperature of the wine while you’re drinking it, to the bottle you picked, to even what kind of glass you’re serving it in.  Even knowing the price can make you like a wine more or less. 

      As a result, when I smell a sweet cantaloupe mixed with fresh tart lemon juice, with plenty of minerality, you might think it smells like peaches with lime juice and a lot of sea salt.  Neither of us would be wrong, and after a second sniff, we might even pick up a few of the things the other notices.   At times, sensitivities to one element or another (acidity, tannins, sulfer, amyl-acetate, etc) cam wreak havoc at tastings, making a wine that seemed delicious to one person, taste someone’s socks to the guy right next to him.  It’s all in the glass of the beholder!


      P.S.  I’d love to hear what you think of the 2010 Bougrier V Vouvray if you get a chance!

    • Seriously?!

      There is a D-bag,wanna-be grammar cop like you on just about every online comment section. Are you a disgruntled editor or something? You act like you’re offering constructive criticism but what you’re really saying is “You suck and I’m better than you because….well just because.” Have a seat already! Better yet, since your such an expert start writing your own reviews!

  • Dognolegs

    Well said, excellent wine with a strange little after-taste, but interesting at the price.

    • Hey Dognolegs,

      Cheers for the comment!  Love to hear more from you!  Have a happy holiday!