2010 Yellow Tail Pinot Noir

It’s been a fairly rough run for Pinot Noirs on First Pour Wine.  Despite the best efforts to find good value under $10, it’s proven one of the few noble grape wines to not receive a recommended status (the other being Merlot).  This will be the 3rd pinot from a 3rd continent.  While Yellow Tail generally brings cheap wine to the masses, Pinot can be a tricky problem.  Does 2010 Yellow Tail Pinot Noir rise to the challenge?

Sight:  Transparent ruby and slight brick color to the edge.  Purple core.

Smell:  Strawberries, currants, under ripe cherries, and a touch of mocha.  Something citrusy?

Sip:  Bright start of cranberry maneuvering into strawberries and cherries.  The mouth feel is strangely heavy for a Pinot Noir.   It’s oddly over acidic as well. [A.B.V. 13.5%]

Savor:  A pleasant black currant undertone.  Fades after a short time.

Overall, 2010 Yellow Tail Pinot Noir is just not as elegant as is normally expected of Pinot Nior.   All of the tasters found something bizarrely bright in the wine nose and mouth feel, such as orange, gooseberry, or an under ripe kumquat.  Aside from the quirks, it wasn’t bad.  It’s definitely not a go to daily drinker, but it could fulfill other uses.  Like being around for cocktails…

Price: $4.99
South East Australia