2009 Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling

The Gewurztraminer from Pacific Rim in the Columbia Valley was pretty great.  Their specialty, as their winemaker Nicolas pointed out, is Riesling though, not Gewurz.  With these two facts in mind, there was no question about whether or not to purchase 2009 Pacific Rim Sweet Riesling.   Buy, buy, buy!  So has blind faith been reward, like for those with Gold and Apple Stock, or is it just another Netflix?

Sight:  A beautiful light honeyed gold.

Smell:  Honey, pear, and apple all greet the nose.  Backgrounds of lychee, coconut, orange blossom, and honeysuckle play backup in a fantastic way.

Sip:  An undeniably sweet burst hits the pallet, but immediately levels out with a crisp roundness that creates a harmonious balance.  Honey, lychee, starfruit, and honeydew apple all dance around the tongue.  Orange blossom and sweet guava round out the back end.

Savor:  The honeysuckle lingers, and picks up a bit of lilac.  There’s a light sweetness and orange.

Overall, dammmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.  Thank you sir, can I have another?  This is an amazingly balanced and characteristic sweet riesling.  Go pick up a bottle, there will not be any disappointment.

Verdict:  Riesling Rules
Price:  $7.99
Columbia Valley, Washington