2009 Lindeman’s Bin 40 Merlot

When it comes to wines, few have generated more searches than Lindeman’s in the backlog of First Pour Wine searches. Why is Lindeman’s so popular?  Well to start, they’re one of the biggest producers of widely available wines for a good price.  For a second thing, there’s nothing particularly threatening about the bottles.  Sure, their bottles aren’t as cute as little penguins or wallabies, but they’re at least remotely professional looking.  Serious wine marketing ponces aside, there’s a better question. Is 2009 Lindeman’s Bin 40 Merlot any good (without the wallabies and penguins)?

Sight:  Bright ruby red, a amethyst purple core.

Smell:  Plenty of ripe fresh fruit, recently picked raspberries and plums, with a slightly vanilla and boysenberry syrup smell in the background.  Perhaps a faint touch of eucalyptus.

Sip:  The fruit is punchy at the start of this wine, with a definite slant toward raspberries and plums.  There’s a good amount of acid, and it borders getting on the brambly side of the vine, pulling in a bit too much tannin and bitterness too quickly.  It’s a bit like plum skin.  There’s a boysenberry syrup mixed with mocha and plum that travels the length of the flavor of the wine, but mostly in the background.  It’s a rather unique flavor. [A.B.V. 13.5%]

Savor:  Lets talk the biggest most important descriptor.  Prunes.  100% all, natural, fresh dried, ripe plums only, prunes.  There’s a lot of mouth drying tannin to match it, but prunes is predominate.

Overall,  2009 Lindeman’s Bin 40 Merlot is darn enticing, and makes up for it’s flaws with a generally nice performance.  While this wine isn’t going to necessarily be the best wine to savor on it’s own, it’s going to be strong pick for any grilled meats or pasta’s thanks to it’s acidic profile and powerful tannins.  While it’s not quite oaky enough for a lot of smokey flavors, it could hold its own against earthy fall squash as well.   Without a doubt, a merlot worth trying in the price range.

Verdict: A sought out flavor.
Price:  $5.99
South Eastern Australia