2009 Charles Shaw Shiraz

This week should wrap up Mr. Shaw’s line.  It’s been a mixed experience trying the bargain bucket series.  While Chuckie’s Cabernet Sauvignon was a surprisingly good wine for the money, the same couldn’t be said for Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, or Pinot Grigio.  To start the wrap up, Two-Buck-Chuck has sent Shiraz to bat, hoping to knock it out of the park.  Does the 2009 Charles Shaw Shiraz hit a homer, or will it strike out?

Sight: A lighter than average purple shade, but wonderfully firm hot pink edge.

Smell:  Delightfully plummy with blackberries.  Sweet and jammy smelling, with a strong hit of black pepper.  A wink of mint and basal.

Sip:  An oddly sweet start for a Shiraz from California, more reminiscent of Jam Jar than yellow tail.  It does dry out and gets a plum and black pepper flavor.  Not overly complicated, and moderate to high tannins.  A firm mouth feel. [A.B.V. 12.5%]

Savor:  Not a lot going on here, a little bit like an unripened blueberry.  Tannins linger a while.

Overall, it’s a surprisingly decent Shiraz.  Charles Shaw actually manages to produce a flavorful, if uncomplicated, bottle of wine, that plays up some of Shiraz’s more appealing characteristics.  At under $5 the more sophisticated crowd will turn up their noses, but it’s worth a shot for those that enjoy an easy going wine.

Price:  $3.79