2009 Charles Shaw Merlot

Being cheap and drinkable is the sort of thing that’s tough to ignore.  With Mr. Shaw’s 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, it was a nice indulgence that didn’t mean breaking the bank.  Aging in bottle or in wood tends to help a wine mellow a bit, and two-buck-chuck was offering a 2009 Merlot.   Generally, Merlot is smoother, softer, and less aggressively tannic than Cabernet Sauvignon, so will that make two-buck-chuck even better?

Sight: Dark purple, magenta edges.

Smell:  Berries, a bit hot, green pepper, slight amount of dark cherry and black pepper.

Sip:  The starting flavor is a bit earthy, and very tannic.  The wine grows a bit more acidic and as it goes, picking up cranberry and slight cherry notes again, the fruit feels overripe.  The ending note is a bit sharp on swallow.  [A.B.V.  12.5%]

Savor:  Tannins continue to rampage, with a berry flavor for some time.

Overall, this just isn’t nearly as good as the Cabernet Sauvignon, and it’s sadly not a particularly good Merlot either.  At the price, it stands alone, but switch to the Cab or pay a few dollars more, it’s worth it.

Price:  $3.49