2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache [Revisited]

It’s been a while since I last enjoyed Yellow Tail’s Shiraz Grenache.  Way back, before the First Pour Wine got rolling, this was my wine of choice for those cheap and late college nights.  A little fruity, a little spicy, and way better than it seemed to have any right to be for the under $5.  Having been chilling for almost a year in the cellar, and now going on it’s 3rd birthday, how does 2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache hold up? 

Lets just clear up one thing (from the first review of 2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache):

They’re wines you don’t ever think of going, ‘oh geez, I’m not sure I should open the ’08 yellow tail, it’s not really the right occasion’ [or I should cellar it, or any sort of pretentious gobble-de-gook that might associated with an expensive bottle]. 

I completely recognize this irony (or perhaps lapse in judgment).

Sight:  There’s definitely quite a bit of orange showing around the edges, the body has gotten more brick red.  There’s a loss of vibrancy, it’s clearly older and dulling a little.

Smell:  There’s a jammy raspberry and blackberry, with a ton of prune.  There’s a bit of a date like note, it smells a bit hotter.  It’s vaguely like port in it’s jamminess.

Sip:  There’s not as much sweetness as it would let on, there’s a moderate mouth feel, and it’s slightly hot.  There raspberries are firm, jammy, and almost like liquor.  The wine has plum skin, but most of the flavors are not as bright and enjoyable as they were.  There’s a lot of prune and touches of cloves. [A.B.V.  13.5%]

Savor:  The raspberry oddly gets very bright here, with a lot of prune.  The dichotomy is odd, but the lingering tannins smooth out the flavor, leaning heavily toward plum skin with hints of cedar.

Overall, 2008 Yellow Tail Shiraz Grenache isn’t so much improving with age, as becoming a whole new wine.  The problem is that it’s aging in the way that demonstrates why most wines are never meant to age.  There was never enough acid or tannin to keep this wine alive much past here.  It makes it no less delicious if you’re buying fresh vintages, but if it’s still in your cellar, it’s probably time for a party.

Note: This wine might be considered right on the edge or being any good anymore.  This wine clearly had spoiled with in 24 hours of being open, even with a vacuum seal.  Avoid bottles with a vinegary note.

Verdict:  Aging like Lindsay Lohan
Price: $4.99
South Eastern Australia