2008 Red Knot South Australia Shiraz

Welcome to a special extra episode of First Pour Wine, where we’ll be covering the Zork for the very first time.

  • Zorks!
  • 2008 Red Knot Shiraz


Along the same line as synthetic corks, Zorks are a new way of solving an old problem, specifically sealing up wine from air and sending them out for transport.  For anyone that’s ever opened a twisty tie or a gum wrapper, it’s a similar concept.  Grab the ticked up end, end pull around in around in the pattern that it follows until you reach then end.  Remove the excess material, and presto! you can get into whatever it is that you were seeking.  In this case, the Zork is especially handy in that it’s a T-stopper that you can push back in when you want to close the wine.

In summary, it’s a tamper proof t-stop with artificial cork, that won’t cork the wine and make it taste all ruined and like, well, cork.  It’s in the same vein as screw tops and synthetic corks in that regard, however, it might be better as it allows a better seal with less effort that a fake cork (which sometimes it feels as though you need the bottle corker to put back in).

2008 Red Knot South Australia Shiraz

Despite it’s aging in French and American oak, this wine ends up being very subtle with it’s use of the wood’s flavor, picking up primarily vanilla, coffee, and increased tannins. Hailing from the McLaren Vale, south of Adelaide,  this wine is from one of the better regions of Australia for Shiraz.

Sight: Deep purply red, with minor tinges of orange beginning near the edges.

Smell:   Jammy blackberries and raspberries mixed with coffee and touches of cedar and black pepper.  Slight vanilla smoke as well.

Sip:  Starts off bitter before getting sweeter and then slightly bitter again.  Raspberries and strawberries start off the experience, mixing with a elusive hints of rhubarb before moving back to blackberries and coffee.   Hints of vanilla tease through out.   Slightly heavy mouthfeel, and a bit hot. [ABV 14.0%]

Savor:  Slightly bitter finish, similar to an under ripe strawberry.  Lingers for quite some time getting jammier and more vanilla laced with moderate to heavy tannins.

Overall, it’s a relatively nice Shiraz if slightly on the more dry and tannin filled side.  It will probably do well with summer foods that are grilled, or for any lamb dish.

Price: $9.99
McLaren Vale, Australia