2008 Castillo Calvijo Crianza

Hailing from Rioja, 2008 Castillo Calvijo Crianza seeks to demonstrate how being a Crianza helps produce smoother, more complicated wines.  Can it live up to its label, or is it back to the barrel?  

Sight:  Slight oranging towards the edges, a delightful garnet color.

Smell:  There’s a touch of earthiness to lead off, but plenty of cherry and currant.  The wonderful oak aging has imparted loads of spices, tobacco, and vanilla.

Sip:  There’s a nice brightness that leads off but it maintains a smooth moderate body.  The cherry and currant keep pace with the growing notes of spice, coffee, and tobacco.  Towards the very end on the swallow, it builds a large amount of vanilla.

Savor:  The vanilla and light tannins grow, the acid is nicely balanced for this section, but fades faster than would be enjoyable.

2008 Castillo Calvijo Crianza nicely balances both oak and fruit on the palate.  The spicy nature of the oak in this wine keeps it lively and exciting, while the bursts of cherry flavor keeps it refreshing.  The vanilla on the end makes the entire experience feel even smoother.  2008 Castillo Calvijo Crianza is a fantastic introduction to Rioja and definitely worth a try.

Verdict: Spicy, Oak, Light-bodied, Cherry
Price: $9.99
Rioja, Spain

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